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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport supports the news media’s efforts to inform the public in a timely manner. The Airport’s Communications & Marketing Department is responsible for assisting journalists and media organizations in covering news at DFW. 

All requests for information or interviews must be directed first to DFW Airport Communications & Marketing Department at 972-973-5555.

For media inquiries made outside of regular business hours (nights, weekends, holidays) please call 860-339-6397.

All media inquiries for information or interviews with Airport officials must be directed to the DFW Communications & Marketing Department. The office is located in the DFW Airport Headquarters...

News media access to the ticketing and baggage areas of the terminals will be the same as for the general public. Under TSA guidelines, Airport concourses and areas beyond security checkpoints for...

All news media vehicles must abide by DFW Airport security parking rules in effect at the time. Current DFW Airport rules prohibit any parking of vehicles at terminal curbsides.

At DFW Airport, only journalists with current media credentials will be permitted access to any area reserved for the media.

The DFW Communications & Marketing team will serve as the news media’s primary point of contact for information regarding any emergency situation at the Airport.

The following restrictions may apply to news media at DFW Airport.

If you have a commercial production or film project and are interested in filming at DFW, please fill out the Photography/Videotaping/Filming Permit Application.

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