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Media Protocol

Media Protocol

DFW Media Credentials

DFW Airport’s Department of Public Safety and/or DFW Corporate Communications may direct personnel to identify media representatives assigned to cover emergencies at DFW using temporary news media credentials. In the event of a major emergency at DFW Airport, only journalists with current credentials will be permitted access to an area reserved for the media. You must wear your media credentials at all times when covering a story at DFW. You may also be asked to provide a government-issued photo identification and a business card for your media organization. 

Freelance writers need to offer proof (such as a letter from the editor on publication letterhead) of their assignment before they will be credentialed.

Photographs and videotapes may be taken in or from any area to which credentialed media have been permitted access. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA, has implemented policies regarding photographing/videotaping security procedures. The news media is not allowed to photograph or videotape display screens inside security checkpoints, as well as security systems or security personnel where such activity interferes with screening personnel in performance of their duties. 

DFW may restrict the use of flash, strobes and other high intensity lighting when such lighting might affect the response to an event, incident, investigation or operation. 

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