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Media Protocol

Alert Procedures

The DFW Communications & Marketing team will serve as the news media’s primary point of contact for information regarding any emergency situation at the Airport. 

In the event of an emergency, all news media representatives should report directly to the DFW Airport Headquarters (2400 Aviation Drive, DFW Airport, TX) for official briefings; the building is located in the Southgate Plaza development near the south entrance of the Airport, at the Rental Car Drive exit off of International Parkway.

In the event that location is unavailable, alternative locations will be communicated to the news media. Only media representatives with credentials can be transported to the affected site or location. The media will be allowed as close to the scene as possible in accordance with rescue operations and federal investigation requirements. News media vehicles will be located in a remote staging area.

Situation briefings and media conferences will be conducted at or near the on-site command post in the event of an emergency event at or near DFW Airport. The DFW Communications & Marketing team will assume the lead role in communicating with the news media until and unless federal or state authorities assume the lead role in communications. 

Unauthorized access to any emergency site will result in the violator’s immediate arrest and denial of future access. For your safety, smoking is prohibited at the scene of any emergency situation. 

DFW’s Communications & Marketing Department understands the news media’s desire to interview persons involved in an emergency. The Airport’s first responsibility is to the victims and their right to privacy. While media organizations will not be arbitrarily denied access to those involved, the Airport will support an individual’s decision not to be interviewed and/or photographed following the incident. Federal security and investigative guidelines may require the Airport to deny media access to persons involved in the emergency.

Terminal Evacuations, Checkpoint/Baggage Screening, Transportation Security Administration

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in charge of passenger screening at all DFW Airport security checkpoints, as well as baggage screening throughout DFW's five terminals.

In the event of a security-related event involving the TSA, that agency will be the primary source of information and the TSA's Regional Public Affairs representative or TSA Public Affairs in Washington, D.C. will handle all responses. DFW Airport Communications & Marketing will assist with airport-related questions and issues.

Inclement Weather

Media inquiries regarding weather conditions and flying operations at the Airport should be directed to DFW Airport Communications & Marketing

Media inquiries regarding flight delays or cancellations should be directed to individual airlines. 

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